Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Atheist Soldier Receives Death Threat

You've probably heard of Jeremy Hall, an atheist soldier who, working with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, sued because he was harassed for not believing in god.

Now Hall has received a death threat in the form of an SMS message on his cell phone.

The message is laced with obscenities and a racial slur commonly directed at African-Americans, though Hall is white. In it, the caller promises to slit Hall's throat and drink his blood. The caller also promises to sexually assault Hall's wife and mother.

Hall serves in a military police company at Fort Riley, and Weinstein said it's "highly probable" the caller was a fellow soldier. Weinstein said he notified Hall's company commander and battalion commander's office and wants the caller found - and court-martialed.

"We have the phone number this death threat came from and the actual voice recording," Weinstein said. "Even Inspector Clouseau would be able to nab this felon. How hard can this really be?"

This kind of stuff is really worrying, especially since I have a brother in the service.

Jeremy Hall is brave for standing up for his beliefs, knowing that harassment would follow. He is doing a great deal to raise awareness about this situation in America's military.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... This doesn't sound like something that Jesus would say. I wonder what god this person wants this soilder to believe in?

What ever happened to freedom of religion.

DB said...

This is simply disgusting that someone so offended by Hall's views would threaten his life and his wife. I just don't get it. It is sad that Hall has to fear for his life because he stood up for his freedom.

ytseone said...

@ simplyecclesia

With all the talk of hemophagia I would assume they're wanting Mr. Hall to convert to some sort of vampiric death-cult.

dan said...

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