Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The other day I set my blog as private. I was thinking about discontinuing it, but did not want to do anything hasty like deleting it.

I was surprised that some of you noticed, as I have been a bad blogger lately and have not written anything in ages, so I suspected that I had lost most readers.

I realize that doing that without saying anything was in bad form and I apologize.

I promise you there is no drama involved. I simply don't feel that I have anything to write here anymore and began to wonder why I should maintain the blog.

I still frequent all of your blogs, and enjoy keeping up on the current "happenings", but lately do not feel I have anything to add. I have also been pretty preoccupied with my personal life and obsessed with the U.S. elections, and I realize that the things I want to say about that have already been beaten to death.

So I will keep this blog open until further notice, and perhaps the mood will strike again someday and I will write something.

To those who contacted me, thank you for caring and I'm sorry for causing concern.


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DB said...

Hey hey, I'm still reading lol. I hear you though, the elections are where it is at right now. One of my blogs get total attention and the other is being neglected. Totally understandable.

nathaniel wallace said...

it's too bad, but I guess I'll be all the more excited when you do write something. enjoy the break!

Adrian Hayter said...

Yeah, please don't give up blogging! It's always a great moment when my feedreader displays your blog as having unread posts :D

Anonymous said...

Aw, I just got here! No discontinuing the blog, please.