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Obama is Terrifying

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DOBSON: Speaking as a private individual again, it terrifies me the thought that he might be our commander in chief, might be in the oval office, might be the leader of the free world because I said it a minute ago, the man is dangerous, especially with regard to this issue of morality.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: That was James Dobson on Sean's radio show earlier today and once again harshly criticizing Barack Obama.

Joining us now with further reaction our newest FOX News contributor — I knew he'd wind up in this business — former Arkansas governor, former presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee.


COLMES: Let me ask you. Do you agree with what Dr. Dobson said when he said the idea of Barack Obama as president terrorizes me — terrifies me? Do you agree with that?

HUCKABEE: There are many things about Barack Obama that make me very uncomfortable for the country.

COLMES: Terrified?

HUCKABEE: I think he's a great communicator. Let's give him that. But there are potholes and there are sinkholes. And what Barack Obama has done is to drive his campaign into a sink hole by saying some things regarding religion that I think will make people who are religious very uncomfortable.

COLMES: Are you terrified?

HUCKABEE: Look, I think my terror is limited to people in the Middle East who point bombs at us. Am I concerned as a citizen? Yes. And what I've been saying is that we don't need to make up stuff about Barack Obama because I think that the record is going to be the best weapon to defeat him.

And he's a wonderful communicator. But you need to ask, what is it that he believes? Well, what he believes is that the "Sermon on the Mount" is outdated.

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Wow, isn't this the show where one of the hosts is supposed to be a "liberal"? I can't even tell which one that might be. Dobson is terrified. He should be. I hope that people like him who profit from pushing their agenda and bigotry on everyone else will see a change during their lifetimes.

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