Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thank God For Science

Read Ray Comfort's latest blog entry in which he begins...

"Light is invisible. We can't see it..."

Thank you to The Atheist Blogger for the link.

While reading Ray Comfort's words of wisdoms I came across an entry titled: The Atheist Worldview

"There've been several hundred gay marriages enacted in California in the past few days. Maybe a couple of thousand by now, I haven't checked the numbers. And in the non-gay-marrying Midwest, they're fighting floods, while in California it's fair and dry. How is The Golden State managing to escape the wrath of your imaginary friend, I wonder?" Weemaryanne

Maryanne. At present there are 840 wild-fires that are burning at once in California, destroying many homes. The fires were started by lightning strikes. Guess who’s in charge of the electrical department? These are from thunder storms that have no rain. Guess who gives the rain? You said "while in California it's fair and dry." We are having the worst drought in our recorded history. Last year 1,155 homes were destroyed. You live in an imaginary world. I suggest you get out more.

So apparently Ray Comfort is claiming that the California wildfires and drought are caused by the gays. And I find it especially hilarious that he tells the commentor that they "live in an imaginary world". Words escape me...

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