Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pointing the Blame

Bruce Walker of the Canada Free Press writes:

There is an invidious desire by those on the atheist Left to pretend that Hitler and the Nazis were some sort of rogue Christians and that many devout Christians accepted the Nazis and Hitler as protectors against Bolshevism and Jews.

He then goes on to say that Hitler was a pagan and that he supported Islamism.

I think he misses the point entirely. Hitler was religious, not atheist. And while his religious views may have strayed from "true Christianity", is there even such a thing? There are so many different ways to interpret the Christian Bible.

Atheists argue that Hitler was religious because the example of Hitler and the Holocaust are constantly used against us by Christians who want to claim that Hitler was an atheist and that the Holocaust is a result of atheism. Whether he was Christian, pagan, Islamic, or a mixture of the three, it is beside the point, as he was clearly not an atheist. The writer of the article also fails to mention Hitler's support from the Catholic church.

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