Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some Explaining to Do

I didn't post a single blog entry for several months and then today I posted way too many. As the Atheist Blogger said, I have some explaining to do. He is probably the only reader I have, so I don't think anyone else noticed my absence :)

Basically, I run kind of hot and cold on things. I get really excited about an idea and rush into it, but then I don't really have much stamina. This blog was something I really wanted to do, and goodness knows I've had plenty of spare time in which to do it, but I quickly became frustrated.

I immersed myself in atheist blogs, religious news, etc. and at first it was exciting, but then it quickly became downright frustrating. Frustrating thinking about all of these people in the world who never question their beliefs and who are intolerant of others, including members of my family. I felt pretty helpless, like nothing I could say or do would make a difference.

I began to feel like I didn't have any valuable commentary, either. Which may explain why I will mostly be posting news articles and videos with minimal commentary for a while, unless the mood strikes me differently.

I also spent more time on my personal blog. I am not "out" to my family and to many of my acquaintances, so I feel more comfortable keeping this part of my life away from my private blog. This conflict of interests also made me frustrated at times, as I couldn't express myself fully on this blog or my other one for fear of people knowing I was an atheist.

Anyways, atleast today, I feel that I want to try to post more here. Hopefully it will last, since I really am looking for more things to keep my time occupied. And I hope someone enjoys reading it, or atleast doesn't totally hate it.

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1 comment:

Adrian Hayter said...

Good explanation. I guess you can't really publicly reveal your personal blog here which is a shame :(

I can't see the harm in coming out to your family though. It's not like it's a big thing when you think about it logically.

I don't think my mum likes the fact I am an atheist, but that doesn't stop me constantly talking about what my student group are doing :P