Sunday, July 6, 2008

Christian Couple Ruins Pub

Preaching to the Pub

A devout British Christian couple took over the management of a North London pub less than a year ago.

They banned gambling and swearing, and would carry Bibles around. They barred several long-time customers for swearing.

"You can't run a pub and not swear. If they are Christians, they should run a church, not a bloody pub," one customer said.

The couple upset so many of the pub's regulars that earnings fell steeply, leading the pub owners to fire them and replace them with a more easygoing landlord.

But the couple refuses to go quietly, having barricaded themselves, with three of their six children, in a flat above the pub.

Now, the case will go before a county tribunal in 10 days' time, on July 14.

What I don't understand, is why you would manage a pub if you disagreed with the type of behavior that went on inside of them? This is another example of religious people trying to push their beliefs on everyone else.

Basically, the couple was violating the pub customers' freedom of religion.

Who gave Christians the right to be everybody's moral police, anyways?

Believe what you want, and keep it to yourself! I honestly don't care. But when you try to intrude on other peoples' freedoms, this is where we have a problem.

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vjack said...

You raise some excellent questions here. My favorite is "Who gave Christians the right to be everybody's moral police, anyways?" This is an important question that we should encourage more people to ask.