Sunday, July 6, 2008

Korean TV Show Under Fire

Christians Denounce TV Program for Humanizing Jesus

A television documentary depicting Jesus as a human is drawing sharp criticism from Christian circles.

While Christian leaders have called for the cancellation of the program, the TV network's union has vowed to continue the broadcast.

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK), a group of protestant Christians, recently sent a complaint to SBS who aired the first episode of a four-part documentary ``Shineui Gil, Inganeui Gil'' (The Road of God, the Road of Man) on June 29.

The CCK said: ``What the program is trying to say could shake many people's beliefs. It is a violation of individuals rights to have freedom of religion guaranteed by the Constitution.'' The group reportedly tried to cancel the show.

The CCK started a hunger strike but halted it several hours later Sunday. The Korean Association of Church Communication said, ``We are very anxious that the program is trying to tarnish the honor of Jesus, who is the God of 2 billion people worldwide. We will do whatever we can to stop the devious program.''

Christian leaders allegedly threatened the program directors in an attempt to influence the station and management.

The directors said any threat was a violation of the media's right to speak. ``Their actions cause antipathy toward their belief, not our program,'' one said.

They said statements in the program saying Jesus was not God but rather a very good human political leader were quite well known and frequently talked about in other countries and among academics. ``Do not emphasize this as an attempt to start a war against religion,'' they stated on the company's Web site.

They explained the program was intended to seek harmony among religions involving Jehovah, God and Jesus. ``We are trying to help people understand other people's beliefs, not downplaying anything.''

Oh no, we wouldn't want anyone challenging their beliefs! That would be terrible.

When did freedom of religion turn into freedom from hearing anything that might hurt your feelings? People need to grow thicker skins.

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