Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Monotony

...in which the Amiable Atheist gets a bit snippy. If you're looking for a more amiable post please see this one, or this one.

Your caller is entitled to his belief, it is however false.

It must get old having to hear the same bad arguments time after time. And frustrating that apparently none of these people have bothered to read his book or listen to anything he has said repeatedly before making fools of themselves.

It's fine if you want to believe in Adam and the Bible as literal truth. But please admit to yourself that this is based on faith and is not based on rationality. Please don't try to argue with Dawkins who has destroyed your silly arguments countless times through logic and rationality.

If that's what you want to believe, then admit that it does not stand up to logical argument and stop trying because it only looks silly and also gets boring and predictable after awhile.

I think one of these times, after someone challenges Dawkins with an argument he has heard and refuted countless times, he should say,

"Wow, I never thought about it that way. I think you're right! What have I been doing all of this time? Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth!"

No? Well, I thought it might be funny.

Thanks to Atheist Media for the video.

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Adrian Hayter said...

"Wow, I never thought about it that way. I think you're right! What have I been doing all of this time? Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth!"

I can't imagine Dawkins doing sarcasm very well. It would be great to see though :D

Campman62 said...

Dear Amiable,
"I'm wide awake, I'm not sleeping..." [Bono U2 ~ Bad]

Good mornin'...Have you really appreciated the wonderful gift you are to others?

*Possessing Faith is like believing in gravity...trusting in what you know is there but can not see.

*Have you ever really seen the wind..? (No, but you have seen & experienced the effects of the wind)

From your bio:
I know you have experienced faith in God...

~Are you a Prodigal Princess running from the Kings Palace & His protection over you?

**Hypocrites abound on every side of the faith issue. Do not let your past cloud your good judgement or discernment.

***Today, wear your "Forgiveness" like a "Crown", not a "Ball & Chain"...return to the King.

~We can only serve one Master...Self, Satan or God.

[Let me know your thoughts]


The Amiable Atheist said...


we don't need to believe in gravity or the wind because they can be measured. their existence is provable.

the same cannot be said for god.

Campman62 said...

"Ich gratuliere!" on:
"we *don't need to believe in gravity or the wind because they *can be measured. their existence is provable."

[*You used a somewhat illogical use of negatives]
*Did you mean to say, [I "do" believe in gravity & the wind because they "can" be measured & their existence is provable.]?

(I also caught you on Atheist Nexus and wondered if there is any language barrier?)

*Are you German or American? (because your English is great)

One last thing...
Who is your Master?
Self? Satan? God?
(You dodged this one earlier)

Thanks for "keepin' it Amiable"!


The Amiable Atheist said...


no, there is no language barrier, english is my mother tongue.

what i meant was, we don't have to believe in the wind and gravity, because we have knowledge that they exist. we know they do. it is not a matter of belief or faith.

i am my own master in that i determine, to a certain point, what i will or wont do today. but in other ways, society is my master because i must live up to certain societal standards (such as going to work, obeying traffic laws, etc). i am also subject to my brain, and my inner dialogue that affects how i think and feel about things to a high degree.

i am not sure if i understood your question correctly, but obviously my master is not satan or god because i don't believe in their existence.

Campman62 said...

Dear Amiable,
"Was fur schones Wetter!" here on your Blog.

"Danke", You are so "Amiable".

How is life on the Elbe in Dresden?

*Will you engage in a [post dialog] about your beliefs in "evil"?
(Where does it come from?)
(Why should we be moral/immoral?)


P.S. A very old & beautiful watercolor painting of the pre-WWII Nuremberg street shops greets me each morning in my downstairs bathroom.

"Auf Wiedersehen"

The Amiable Atheist said...

You speak of evil as if it is its own seperate entity, but I don't believe in such a thing.

People act and these actions affect others. Sometimes these actions harm other human beings, sometimes they help them in varying degrees.

Our brains are wired so that we care about others. It is in everyone's interest that we help each other and get along.

The motivation for doing good and for wanting to cause the least possible harm to others comes from our desire as a species to co-exist. We have always lived in close relationships, families, or groups. We need each other to survive.

Most of us dislike seeing a fellow human suffering. We want to help. We don't need any extra incentives of rewards after death or paradise. We just want to end their pain.

Sometimes a human's mind has some small defect that causes him to lack this basic desire.

Sometimes a human has been misled or abused, or otherwise taught not to value his own life or the life of others.

These are the sources of what you call "evil".

You have only responded to my answers with questions on different topics. Is this a survey? Is your purpose to challenge my atheism? If so,there are already many sources out there and many intelligent people have already answered these questions more eloquently than I ever could.