Monday, April 7, 2008

Absolute Knowledge

This is a public access television show from Austin, Texas called the Atheist Experience. In this video, the host, Matt Dillahunty, responds to the claim that it takes faith to be an atheist.

I was really impressed by this video. I admired how the host kept calm throughout the interview. I think that is very important in discussing religion with people. We will never get people to listen if we use anger and emotion.

Secondly, I was very interested about how he describes "absolute knowledge" and "practical knowledge". He says that atheists do not claim to know absolutely that there is no god, because we will never know anything absolutely. But we can say practically that there is no god based on insufficient evidence. In the same way, we cannot know absolutely that there is no Santa Claus, but we can say practically that he does not exist.

He says at one point

"I would prefer that people be able to justify their beliefs with something more than personal experience and one thing besides religious belief where that would be an unrealistic expectation...I care whether or not my beliefs are true. I don't just believe what's comfortable and what feels good".

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