Monday, April 7, 2008

Almost Convinced

Here is proof of the Christian God's existence, straight from the fingers of believers and onto the Religion and Spirituality section at Yahoo! Answers. (I promise, I did not make these up).

"do u believe in the wind? but u've never seen it or touched it huh? but u feel it.. thats how it is with God.. you feel him in the wake of each morning.. having a relationship with God means talking to him in prayer.and seeking him. and day by day.. you feel him =D God bless!"

"There is plenty of evidence for God and the accuracy of the Bible.

A building must have a builder.
A painting must have a painter.
Creation must have a creator."
"u must believe in god, he create us , do u think , if u watch in desert , logical u say it is belong to someone, so , god create us from nothing to worship him and see the power and perfect creatures to obey him more ."

"Everyone believes in something sight unseen. Nobody knows everything."
"You seem to think that believers don't question. That is not the case. I spent my life questioning. That is why I do believe in God. To me it is the only answer that makes sense. I choose to have faith. God has done such wonders in my life that I would be stupid not to believe."
"I have seen the light through Jesus"
"My beliefs are based on the truth of the Scriptures.........not on a myth.....or on an opinion."

"So Christianity is tangible because of the evidence supporting it............both Spiritually & historically."

"I have seen the Lord work in my life & in the lives of fellow Christians around me."

"Because I cried out to him in total and complete desperation and he answered me!"

"Becuase I've felt something that I've never felt before when I was in his presence. I couldn't see him or hear him, but I knew he was there - it was the most beautiful feeling, and I pray that you and everyone else will get to feel that one day."

"The end of times are approaching fast, are you ready?"

"Yes, I believe in God with my whole heart. I believe because he brings me comfort, and he answers my prayers."

"How can one not just look at how wonderfully made the Earth is and not believe in God? What about how wonderfully made our human bodies are? It's all too perfectly placed to have happened by accident. If the Earth was just a little bit closer to the sun, we would burn up, if it was a little bit further we would freeze. There are so many varieties of animals, plants, and foods to enjoy. How could all of those things have come to be by mere chance? They, and we were created. There is NO OTHER possible, rational explanation. There is too much proof to deny the wonderful existence of Jehovah God!"

"I know God exists from my own direct, personal experience. Just as I know love exists from direct experience of it...and I know you exist because I am replying to your message."

"Yes, Good and evil exist its plain to see. Look at your eye in a mirror and really study it. wow what a creation, who could do that but God. and dont say man can make some test tube model, because he only uses the stuff like sperm and eggs that was already there. How else could your skeleton get into your body, we are truly fearfully and wonderfully made, Praise God. You can find out for yourself, all you have to do to find out is ask Jesus to come into your life, now thats not difficult, try it with a true heart. God bless you."

"The gospels are eyewitness accounts..............

They recorded His birth, life, death & resurrection.

The most important aspect that you're forgetting about is this:
Each believer posesses the Holy Spirit of God........and He guides us into all truth."

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