Monday, April 21, 2008

Failing Grade

Jeannette Catsoulis of the New York Times calls Expelled

One of the sleaziest documentaries to arrive in a very long time

a conspiracy-theory rant masquerading as investigative inquiry.

Blithely ignoring the vital distinction between social and scientific Darwinism, the film links evolution theory to fascism (as well as abortion, euthanasia and eugenics), shamelessly invoking the Holocaust with black-and-white film of Nazi gas chambers and mass graves.

Every few minutes familiar — and ideologically unrelated — images interrupt the talking heads...This is not argument, it’s circus, a distraction from the film’s contempt for precision and intellectual rigor

“Expelled” is an unprincipled propaganda piece that insults believers and nonbelievers alike. In its fudging, eliding and refusal to define terms, the movie proves that the only expulsion here is of reason itself.

Visit Expelled Exposed.

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