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On Yahoo!Answers someone asked the question:

Why doesn't the U.S. government acknowledge atheists?

And while I would never claim that we are persecuted or treated terribly, I would have to agree that atheists are still generally considered to be the antichrist in America. I know that the public attitude towards atheism could be better, because I have been to Europe. But I still recognize that things are a lot better than when we used to get burned at the stake. But I found some of the answers to be amusing,upsetting, and highly ignorant. Thought I'd share...

Yes, and I guess porn video shops and strip clubs are not enough to show this? (who do they think the majority of these business' customers are?)

the same reason we dont want to acknoledge satanists. you're all mixed up in the head

They are not allowed to talk about and worship God in school. isnt that good enough?
the government allready acknowledges this .... but seperation of church and state... also homo sexuals have the same rights.. but dont force your beliefs on to others.. mind your own busines.. you have the right to think and choose whatever you desire.. as long as it does not stop on others or hurt others ok

Well, the Gov tries to keep religion out of Gov and public organizations already. I'd say that is past equality... seems you have a superior position with them.

Atheist influences have been taking over our government little by little and are winning. No prayer in schools, no public displays of the 10 commandments, public funding for stem cell research... What are you complaining about?

What's your definition of equality? Do you have to pay higher taxes? Do you get to vote? Do you get get refused service at restaurants? You just want the ability to go around telling non-athiests how they should live. Does the presence of a church in your neighborhood infringe on your rights? Nobody's saying you have to attend it.
Nobody is forcing your kids to pray in school. But it seems like a lot of athiests are trying to deny non-athiest children the right to pray. (apparently we have forbidden children to pray? i wasn't aware of that new law)

I guess they are ashamed that we have them in the USA. I know that I am and that most are Godly people here so no one is saying you can't live here just stop putting us down ,,you have taken away the prayer in school and the Ten Commandent,s out of places..what more do you want,,because we will fight it in court because we are
not going to lose our right,s. (you are at risk of losing your right to freedom of religion, which may not affect you today, but could in the future)

It’s called separation of Church and State. (oh, so they have heard of it, then!)

what are you talking about? since when are atheists oppressed? you think you have it so hard when in fact you probably have very easy. how can you say that when in schools you can't pray or even talk about God without getting into trouble for it. they are even talking about taking the "in God we trust" logo off of our currency. I think it's pretty clear just how nice your faith has it in this country. when people tell you that your weak for your beliefs then you can ask this question, until then I suggest that you keep your opinions to yourself.

The US gov't has acknowledged "your" presence. But because you're the minority and the majority still frowns upon "you" the gov't will not start giving "you" special rights. At least they won't right now. Give it a few years and they will. All of this is foretold in the bible. Just wait a few years, you'll have the leader "antichrist" you want or think you want, and you'll have the "world" you think you want. One religion (which is no religion), one currency, one world. Don't get too anxious. (well, since lots of people are claiming obama is the antichrist, guess we're in luck!)

If an Atheist has No Faith, No Belief, then why should the Government believe that you have Faith in them?

Apparently these people have not heard the comments made by representative Davis in Illinois, they have not seen the polls saying that most Americans would never elect an atheist, they have never read the constitution and don't realize what separation of church & state means, and they have obviously not seen the news in the last fifty years or more, to see that religious people are trying to get their unfounded beliefs taught in school. But apparently we run this country, because poor little children aren't allowed to pray in school!

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