Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Enemy

This is an excerpt from an article by Tony Beam, Knowing the Enemy and How We Must Fight, that states that the two biggest threats to Christianity today are Islam and atheism. Unintended humor ensues...

The second enemy Colson mentioned is what he calls “Neo-atheism.” This new brand of 21st century atheism is much more pervasive and exceedingly more dangerous than any of its earlier manifestations. Neo-atheism goes much farther than the mere denial of God’s existence. It actually calls for the eradication of all forms of Christianity. One prominent Neo-atheist has gone so far as to suggest that Christian parents should be prohibited by law from passing their religious values down to their children. They consider the teachings of Jesus Christ to be the moral equivalent of child abuse. They believe absolute truth is a myth and objective, fact-based reality is a fairytale told by fools (is he referring to belief in god as fact-based reality?). Relativism has so infested the thinking of many Christians that they are slowly beginning to buy into the ideas put forth by the Left concerning what true Christianity is all about. Moral relativists on the political Left reduce abortion to nothing more than a woman’s right to choose and homosexuality to nothing more than one lifestyle choice among many (gasp!). They turn the “faith once delivered to the saints” into the “faith once distorted for the sake of political gain.” (couldn't have said it better myself)

And at we learn the truth about atheists:

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.


Atheism is a belief system that ardently denies the existence of God. God calls the atheist a FOOL. Many atheists spend much time and effort attempting to "disprove" that God exists. According to Romans chapter 1 they know that He exists, but they want to control their own lives and not submit to the Lord. They are actually rather tragic figures just like any other unsaved individual. It is hard to live out their atheism--if they did, they'd actually be considered crazy like O'Hair was.

Yes, secretly I know God exists, but I pretend he doesn't so I can sin all I like!

Most atheists have what I call the Don Quixote Syndrome... Don Quixote would attack windmills as if they were his enemies. Of course a windmill is nobody's enemy. If what the atheist believes is REALLY his belief, then he would leave people like me alone. After all, if God did not exist, He and His followers would be no enemy to the atheist. We'd just be deluded people. Therefore IF the atheist REALLY believes there is no God and the fool attacks a Christian, then he has the Don Quixote Syndrome because the Christian is not his enemy.

Beliefs inform actions. Have you watched the news at all lately? Religious beliefs cause violence. Religious people want their beliefs to be legislated and forced on others. I hardly call that a windmill.

you were spontaneously generated from a rock,
a monkey is your daddy,
a fish is your cousin,
you have no hope,
you should just live for today,
when you're dead, you're dead.

Yes, that's exactly what I've been telling everyone! A monkey is my daddy!

I couldn't include all of the ignorance here (there was just too much of it!), so you might want to check it out for yourselves here.

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