Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Science Education

Science education in the United States is obviously lacking somewhere. Many people are completely ignorant about what a "theory" is in science, and what evolution is. Here are some examples of where America is failing in educating its students in science (not to mention grammar and spelling as well):

Macro evolution is where you breed two like beings/creatures whatever and instead of getting the young of that species you get a completely different species. It's never happened - NEVER and NEVER will! that's why the unbeliever tries to make us believe the world is over a million years old - that's the only excuse they have for why they cannot reproduce Macro evolution.

If you feel like Monkey .. then believe in evolution

Evolution has fundamental flaws and is a lame alternative to the Genesis. You shouldn't believe in evolution.

Evolution is not an illusion. It was an assumption, which has been scientifically disproven. Today, it continues only as a religious belief. Evolution is not true, science does not claim it is true; only evolutionists do. Evolutionists attempt to convince others of a lie - that science accepts evolution. Scientists no longer accept this lie, and neither should you.

Evolution is not a proved fact. It's still a theory.

evolution is crap talk... god created everything

"Evolution" is not a fact, it is a way of people trying to get out of having to follow God. If you want to believe that your great great great great... grandfather was a type of monkey than that's up to you. Does that mean that apes, monkeys etc. are as smart as us? Apparently that's what people who believe in "evolution" believe in. If the "evolution" theory is true, than where are you going after your life here on earth?Who's to say that God didn't create everything using completely different laws than we know of now, and just left us with laws that we could understand, or laws that were deliberately inferior to the laws He used so that we couldn't create or destroy a universe ourself? Think about it. Then ask yourself, do we really know how the universe was created and should we?

I love the irony in the last one, "do we really know how the universe was created?". Apparently he does!

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