Monday, April 21, 2008


I probably spend too much time on Yahoo! Answers in the religious section. This can be very frustrating because some of the most troll-ish religious people come out of the wood work. I started visiting this site because I thought it would be good for me to hone some of my debating skills.

I have found that not only the religious trolls annoy me. I find the things that a lot of the atheists say there to be irritating as well.


1. "I am reserving judgement for Expelled until I see it for myself."

Now, I get what they are doing here. They want to sound very "fair and balanced" by saying this. The thing is, if there was a new Paris Hilton horror flick coming out that had gotten several terrible reviews, would you say you were "reserving judgement" until you saw it? I seriously doubt it. You would know it was a piece of crap and you wouldn't waste your time with it. So what is the difference with Expelled? You can look online and find out just what a deceitful piece of crap it is. You don't have to see it for yourself, the facts are there! I find this desire to sound "cool" and "balanced" to be very irritating.

2. "I don't have a problem with religion as long as it is not being shoved down my throat."

This is another attempt to sound very "cool" and "tolerant". The problem is, the religions of the world today are hell-bent on shoving their views down your throat. It is part of their teachings. Whether they admit it or not, their religious book encourages them to convert, conquer, and interfere in the government and lives of non-believers. So saying you don't have a problem with religion as long as it is not being shoved down your throat is kind of like saying you don't have a problem with rain as long as it is not too wet.

3. Saying that Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and other new atheists are just as bad as the "fundi's"

I addressed this a bit in my previous post, but this one makes me the angriest. These people are trying to open up the doors to more tolerance for you, and you are going to sit there and insult them in the same way that religious people do? I cannot count the times that religious people have told me that atheism is a religion and that some of us are just as fundamentalist as they are. So I cannot believe it when I hear an atheist say this. Every major change in society as come about as the result of people getting angry and speaking out! It does not come as a result of apathy. Maybe you would prefer to sit at home and not talk about your atheism, but some of us think we deserve equal rights, and some of us are very concerned about the effect religion is having on society.

I understand that a lot of these people want to be tolerant, and a lot of us have family members and friends who are religious. These people deserve respect, but their religious beliefs do not! The majority of the world is delusional. They believe things with absolutely no evidence to back them up, and they deny science. Whether they are the nicest person you have met, or a crazy intolerant fundamentalist, they are all operating under delusional assumptions and that is extremely harmful to the progress of our society. I don't know about you, but this worries me, and I am not going to respect their delusions.

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